Chartered Building Companies

Becoming a Chartered Building Company or Consultancy brings a multitude of benefits. As well as enhancing your reputation, adding to your brand and raising your profile, Chartered status sends out a strong signal to employees that they are valued and will be developed to their full potential. 

Organisations chartered with CIOB are independently assessed and regularly audited. They can demonstrate that they:

  • Are competently and professionally run
  • Operate to high business and ethical standards
  • Are committed to developing a fully qualified workforce
  • Have a significant number of directors that are already Chartered, either with CIOB or other built environment organisations

Board directors of CBCs lead by example: At least half are Chartered with a built environment organisation, and a minimum of 25% of the board have full CIOB membership (MCIOB or FCIOB). Those who have achieved MCIOB or similar have a duty to maintain rigorous standards in all their activities, and this will be reflected in the organisation’s operations as a whole.

Chartered organisations are allowed to use the CBC logo and to add their profile to a prestigious public directory.

The CBC scheme has been running for more than 20 years. It’s administered and promoted by CIOB and has the backing of our strong international brand.

What kind of building company can become Chartered? 

Any organisation that is involved with building can apply to become a CBC. Contractors, subcontractors, developers, clients, and even councils are eligible. There are no geographical limitations: applications are welcome from building-related organisations anywhere in the world.

Chartered Building Companies can be any size, from two or three person operations to multinationals. Branches of larger companies can also apply for CBC status, with the approval of their parent company or main board.

The key requirements are that at least half of board directors are Chartered and at least 25% Members or Fellows of CIOB. The company must have been trading for at least two yearsContact us for further advice.

Win new business and enhance your existing client relationships

Clients are increasingly specifying MCIOB-qualified managers as a non negotiable component of project teams. Ensuring that your organisation has a significant number of Chartered members at board level, and a strong pipeline of emerging talent in your wider operations, boosts your chances of winning bids – or getting onto tender lists in the first place. By following the CIOB Code of Professional Conduct and Rules, you will be able to give clients confidence that you are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in construction.

Raise your profile

We offer a 20% discount to CBCs advertising jobs in our in-house magazine, Construction Manager. This is your chance to raise your profile in front of our full international membership.

You will have access to free tendering and certificate of completion templates which can demonstrate professionalism and quality to your clients.

Enhance your image

Joining the CBC scheme gives you access to our marketing tool kit and permission to use the CBC logo on all correspondence, websites and site hoardings.

You’ll also get a plaque that you can put in your office and will be encouraged to use the strapline: Professionalism and Integrity in Construction.

Take a holistic approach to staff development

Become a CBC and we will introduce you to our Training Partnership scheme. This free, tailored service provides unique support for your long-term learning and development strategies, with the aim of helping all relevant employees become Chartered. See our Training Partnerships section for more information.

Join an elite directory

As a CBC, your organisation will be added to our prestigious electronic directory of Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies. Found on the CIOB main website, this is open to the public and is fully searchable. CIOB will soon be enhancing the site with more refined search tools, enabling clients to seek out companies by specialism as well as by geographical region.

How to apply for company membership

Applying is straightforward. Choose your webform below and we will send you the application form, which is an editable PDF. You will be asked to attach policies and statements on key policy areas such as Health and Safety, Environmental Performance, Equal Opportunities, Quality and CSR.

To meet eligibility, your organisation must have been trading for two or more years and at least half of the Executive Board must be Chartered, with a minimum of 25% Chartered with the CIOB.

In order to demonstrate positive relationships with industry, CIOB will also be asking for three references from clients and the supply chain. This can take some time, but in our experience, alerting referees that CIOB will be getting in contact can speed up the process.  

Once we have received the references, your application is sent to the Membership Assessment Panel (MAP). This is a board of CIOB Fellows who are directors of Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies. They review and audit the processes by which CBC applications are approved. A member of this panel will sign off CBC applications monthly and report into the Employer Engagement Board.

Providing all the necessary paperwork is submitted with the application and depending on the response time of your referees, the process generally takes around two months. This is not intended to be an arduous process. Any professionally-run company should have the requested information easily to hand. In its review, CIOB will take the size of the company into account.

Company Membership FAQs

Why do you require half of the board to be Chartered?

As a professional institute we recognise the efforts and dedication that it takes an individual to become Chartered.  Naturally we’d like all board members to achieve MCIOB or FCIOB eventually. For now, we’re accepting a quota of 50% from relevant Chartered built environment institutes of which, 25% must be Chartered with the CIOB.

What other Chartered organisations are accepted?

We accept qualifications from other built environment sector institutes: CABE, CIAT, CIBSE, CIH, ICE,ICES, IStructE, RIBA or RICS. Scottish, Irish and International equivalents are also eligible. 

What happens if a Chartered board member retires?

Retired grades will not count towards the quota for Chartered board directors. This is because CIOB wants to ensure that skills and competencies of each board remain current.

This has two major benefits: as well as ensuring that directors are competent to steer their organisation through the changing legislative climate, the rule incentivises companies to develop future leaders and grow their internal pool of talent.

What happens once we have been admitted to company membership?

You can use the logo and call yourself a CIOB Chartered Building Company or Consultancy.

There are two main requirements for your ongoing membership: You need to complete a form annually when you renew your subscription. You will also be subject to an ‘audit’ visit roughly  every three years.  

When submitting evidence of five policies: Quality, H&S, Equal Opportunities, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, how can we get an idea of what is expected of us?

As a CBC you will be expected to have these policies already. Use your professional judgement to submit the existing policies that you are happy with.  We will take into account factors such as size of company when reviewing your application.

What happens if we are unsuccessful in our application?

You will have the opportunity to resubmit. We can advise you on the steps to take to strengthen your application.

Can a subsidiary or regional division of a company become a CBC?

Yes, we actively encourage this. You must have approval from your head office/parent company and meet the expected requirements.

Will CBC membership automatically qualify me for pre-qualification questionnaires?

Not yet, but this is something we hope to do in the future.

What does it cost?

After the initial joining fee (usually £165), annual membership will be in the range of £200 to £2000. This will be decided on a sliding scale depending on the size of your company or consultancy. Find out more about our fees here.

How and when do I pay?

CIOB will send an invoice once the application has been approved. Please do not send payment until you have received the invoice. We accept payment by credit card, BACS or cheque.

Apply to Become a CBC Now

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In order to download the application forms, please tells us more about your company. This will allow us to assist you better in choosing the right membership path for your business and prepare a tailored offering to fit your specific needs.

We will contact you shortly to support you in your journey to becoming a chartered company.