Where We Are

We are based all around the world, working with our members to improve the quality of life for those using and creating the built environment. Discover your local hub and find out how you can get involved.

Where we are based


Within the Wales region there is one hub, the Wales Hub.

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Eastern & Midlands

Within the Eastern & Midlands region there are seven hubs: Nottingham, Birmingham, Northampton, Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich and Chelmsford.

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Ireland & Northern Ireland

Within the Ireland and Northern Ireland region there are two hubs: Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

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North England

Within the North England region there are seven hubs: West Yorkshire, Merseyside & Cheshire Hub, Manchester, North East England, Preston, South Yorkshire and N&E Yorkshire and Humber.

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South England

Within the South England region there are 6 hubs: Oxford, Reading, Wessex & Channel Islands Hub, Bristol, Exeter and Cornwall & Plymouth Hub.

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Within the Scotland region there are three hubs: Northern, Central and the Highlands and Islands.

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