Membership Benefits

We train, shape and support those who make our industry what it is today and the future leaders shaping our industry tomorrow.

What can CIOB Membership do for you?

Setting the standards and raising the bar since 1834, CIOB leads the way in construction management, standing for the science, ethics and practice of built environments across the world. Becoming a Chartered or Specialist member of CIOB demonstrates who you are, the principles you hold and your dedication to our industry.

Elevate your status

As a Chartered Member(MCIOB), Charted Fellow (FCIOB) or Technical Member (TechCIOB), you're able to add post-nominals after your name, so you'll be instantly recognised by clients and colleagues as a professional with the skills and knowledge to complete the job to the highest standard.

Also, Chartered membership is comparable to a Bachelor’s degree, and both are externally benchmarked by Ecctis and internationally recognised.

Steer the future

At CIOB, we don’t just give you the chance to follow the best. We encourage you to lead and help manage the Institute you’re a part of. That’s why our Chartered Members can apply to become trustees or join a committee, and members can vote for those they feel will serve best. 

Each grade of membership has a unique set of benefits. If you are already a member, you can find out about your grade-specific benefits by signing into the Members’ Portal. Alternatively, read on to discover the benefits you could receive as a CIOB member. 

For all our members, we provide:

Over 500 annual events

Each year we run hundreds of in-person and online events, free for our members. These events and activities include Networking and CPD events, seminars, site visits and conferences, so there’s plenty to get involved in.

Being part of CIOB means you can join events happening in your local area. These Hub events range from informative seminars and workshops to more casual meet ups to connect with other members in your region.

As a member, we also often provide opportunities for you to share your knowledge and experience by speaking at an event. This might be a roundtable discussion, reception style event or webinar and it’s another great way to step forward and get involved in CIOB. 

Explore our CIOB Library

Our CIOB library holds an impressive collection of construction-related online journals and e-books. Accessible to all members, this resource is the perfect way to expand your knowledge and understanding of a huge variety of topics in construction.

Additionally, we regularly produce Technical Publications, including guides, codes and information sheets to further support your learning. 

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Be part of our Tomorrow's Leaders Community

Our Tomorrow’s Leaders are shaping the future of the built environment. This is a community for all our members, delivering activities to empower, influence and support community members at every stage of their career.

As a Chartered member, you can opt-in to this community and access activities to maintain and develop your professional status. You can also reach out and network with the wider community, helping to support other members. 

If you are a student member, you are automatically enrolled into this community and can make use of the opportunities and resources available to assist you at the start of your construction career.

As a Non-Chartered member you can opt into this community to access resources that help you build towards your professional status, including events and learning that develop managerial, occupational and professional skills, as well as mentors who can provide support to achieve Chartered status.

CIOB Mentoring Service

One way to support others in the community is through the CIOB Mentoring Service. Being a mentor means you can help someone become a Chartered Member or Fellow. Alternatively, you can be mentored yourself as many of our membership pathways have mentoring included to help you progress to CIOB Chartered Membership or Fellowship.

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CIOB Assist

CIOB Assist offers support to members and their dependent family members on everything from financial concerns, to mental health issues and training help. It’s as important as any other aspect of our work and touches every corner of our membership community.

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CIOB Connect: An App for Members

CIOB Connect is an app available to our members. It's a great way to connect members, students, experts and professionals at every stage of their career path.

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Hone your skills with CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is all about staying up to date with the latest developments and improving your knowledge and skills. All members of CIOB are required to complete CPD and we make this as easy as possible by providing a range of CPD resources. 

Our magazines are another way to engage with what's going on in the industry. Construction Management Magazine is sent out to all members, so you can be sure you're always up to date.